Client Testimonials
The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients.

Hello, my name is John Alsum, a purchaser for TriVan Truck Body. Our company has been purchasing "Finger Protection" from Simple Safety at Finger Shield Safety Products LLC for a couple years now. The product is being installed in our custom trailers per our customer's request. We have found that they are easy to install and hold up to heavy use. Thank you for a great product!

Recently a little girl caught her finger in our kitchen door and we had to take her to the emergency room for stitches, she is doing very well now, but we want to prevent this from happening again. Thank you very much for helping us keep our kids safe, it means a great deal to us. 

Dee Shultz,
Greeley, Colorado
I want to let you know that your product is an important part of our safety plan. We opened this new facility in 2007, and within a month, several of our children suffered pinched fingers from the half–doors between the class areas. 

We removed all of these half-doors, which were solid core doors with triple hinges, and replaced them with custom-made hollow-core doors which were much lighter. We also replaced the hinges on these doors with piano hinges and shaved down the latch side so that the “gap” was maximized around ½”. 

Your product was installed on the non-hinge side of all of these half doors. In addition, we installed your product on both sides of every non-protected interior and exterior door throughout the school. In the 3 years since this was done, we have not had a single pinched finger accident.

R. C.
Atlanta, Georgia 

The products we received were extremely well designed, of excellent quality and very easy to install. After having them installed for two weeks we made the decision to order Finger Shield Push-side and Pull-side door hinge guards for all of our 150 doors. 

Rhonda Olivencia, Facilities Manager, 

Brooklyn, New York 

Thanks so much for your quick and very thorough follow up to my call yesterday. I even called Rhonda at the Block Institute, and she had nothing but good things to say about you, your company, and your products. I have forwarded the information on to my hospital customer, so we will see what happens. If he chooses to use your products, he may order directly, or through one of our distributors. I do not know which way it may come to you. I definitely will keep your products in mind when other opportunities arise (and I know they will!). 

Blake Nelson, End User Consultant, 
The Finger Shields will be installed next week. Our Child Care Center personnel are looking forward to the added safety that they will provide.  After seeing the Finger Shields installed in our Care Center, our Nursery School Director requested that they be installed on all of the Nursery School doors. 

John F. LaRue, Administrator, 
Minnetonka, Minnesota 
We ordered finger guards 2 years ago and almost all of the guards (10 of them) have started cracking. On three of them the plastic in the middle cracked all the way down and now they are in two separate pieces. When I contacted the company they told me new items would need to be purchased if they cracked. Your excellent testimonials combined with the warranty* makes us extremely confident that we have chosen the right product this time. I do greatly appreciate all of your follow-up and your excellent customer service.

Esmeralda Diaz, Administrator, 
Chicago, Illinois
I will be installing them in my newly remodeled childcare center as they are a requirement in opening my center. Finger shields are now part of DSHS compliance for childcare centers. Thank you for having what I needed. It was the last thing on my list to do before opening. Thank you 

Whitney Hora, 
Renton, Washington State 
When we did the renovation here, the architect specified finger guards on interior classroom doors but not anywhere else in the school. The guards they installed on the classroom doors were extremely expensive and several have already torn. When we realized that the remainder of the doors (approximately 90!) were not protected, we looked for a more reasonably priced alternative, and your product was about ½ the price. However, we think your product is superior in every way to the more expensive ones which were installed originally on the interior doors. As those fail, we will replace them with your product. In addition, I want to say that it was a real pleasure doing business with your company. The guards shipped out almost immediately, and they were very easy to install, just as you promised. Thanks again! 

Robert Charles, 
Thank you for support during the order process. I am impressed with your company’s customer service – personal, kind and thorough.

Mayme Casey, 
St Louis Park, Minnesota 

We believe this is an important safety item and suggest that you seriously consider installing finger-pinch protection devices on doors at your center(s). After evaluating a number of products, those from Finger Shield Safety Products LLC earned NCCA’s endorsement based upon: Price, Durability, Quality, *Warranty, Ease of installation, Ability to Protect doors that open up to 180 degrees, Extensive Customer Care and ease to work with Maria

Dawn Hatzer


Thank you for the timely shipment of finger shields.  We have been using finger shields for several years now, and are very pleased with them.  I know that they have saved many of our resident's fingers

Jim Ware