About Us

About Us

All of us at Simple Safety LLC are passionate about our products and it carries over to our approach to providing total customer satisfaction. 

Finger Shield proudly serves the nation from our Head Office and our Warehouse facilities in North East Florida.   Simple Safety Door Guards can be found on doors in both public and private organizations -- on commercial and retail premises.  Our customers include  Restaurants,  YMCA's, Military Bases, Child Care Centers, Leisure & Fitness Centers, Churches, Super Markets, Hospitals, entertainment centers; Chuck E Cheese and many more. 

We are a socially responsible organization supplying a socially responsible product. Simple Safety door hinge guards have prevented thousands of young people, the elderly and all age groups in between from suffering the pain and distress caused by a finger-pinch accident. Suffering this type of accident has already prevented many children from pursuing their chosen careers/hobbies, you can make a difference now, install Finger Shield, thus allowing others to pursue a career, dream, hobby... 

Use of our safety guards help prevents  finger-pinch accidents to precious fingers -- a SIMPLE SAFETY SOLUTION! 


Our History
In early 1996, I was introduced, by my accountants/auditors, to some people who owned a company called Finger---- UK Ltd. This company was then the sole distributors of a product known as the Finger---- anti fingertrap/ anti-pinch device for the whole of the world. These people were relatively young & inexperienced in business, & were looking for someone to come in & basically inject some cash into the venture & provide them with the guidance & direction to allow the product & the company to achieve its full potential.



A Brief word from the original owner and inventor, Frank Garvey.

In 1998, I accidentally discovered a USA website for Fingers--- USA, which showed the Patentees, had appointed a Distributor for their product in the USA , This , coupled with the ever increasing number of product failures in the UK, led me to conclude I had NO option but to cut my losses...

The Fingershield product is now in tens of thousands of schools, nurseries (childcare) etc in EIGHT countries around the world, & of course including the USA. 

I then had to go to the USA & in 2008/9 I spent quite a bit in legal costs (Courts) etc, trying to regain control/ownership of our company. We eventually got it back in late 2009,but we largely had to start all over again. 

I apologize for the length of my testimonial (typical Irish, LOL) & all I ask is that you give Maria & the Fingershield product (Now, Simple Safety: Finger Shield Safety Products L.L.C.). Protect Fingers a "chance"...

Very kindest regards,

Frank Garvey.