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Products to Cover the Gap

We are proud to say Finger Shield Safety Products are now 


please do not confuse us with the UK based company.

Our Hinge Guards are both ECO-Friendly and fully Recyclable.

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A door requires the installation of both a Push-Side and a Pull-Side Door Hinge Guard to correctly eliminate the chances of a finger-pinch injury.

Door Hinge Guards should be installed on all doors that children, vulnerable adults or unsupervised public pass by or through.

Door Hinge Guards
Finger Shield Door Hinge Guards are available in white, gray/taupe, black and brown.


The available models are PUSH, PULL,Combo(Pull & Push),Privacy Guard, and PUSH WIDE.


Protect Against the Danger - Cover the Gap!
Join over 8,000 organizations worldwide that have already installed the award-winning Finger Shield Door Hinge Guards because of their high quality, ease of use and 3-year Warranty*. See Clients

Our Products are:

  • Easily installed.
  • Come with a "Fit-and-forget" 3-year Warranty*.
  • Approved for use with UL-Classified Fire Doors and Frames rated up to and including 4h.
  • Installed by thousands of organizations in the U.S.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Environmentally-friendly: our Finger Shields contain no cadmium or lead-based materials and as an added bonus are fully recyclable.
  • Finger Shield Door Hinge Guards also act as effective secondary smoke inhibitors, draft excluders and privacy screens.
  • Fits over 95% of all doors and gates.
  • Simple to install and easily removed for door maintenance.
  • Fully tested by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (see About Us)
  • Available in 4 colors: White, Brown, Black, and Gray.

Why Should You Choose Us?
While others may sell similar products, we are a step above in quality, not only are we now U.S. made, we are 100% recyclable/uPVC... which is a complete durable product that will withstand the test of time and can be painted with a latex paint to match your desired color.

We would not sell you a hinge-guard we wouldn't use ourselves The care we put into providing the highest quality product possible ensures that by choosing us, you may sleep soundly knowing that your loved ones and clients, young and old will be safe!

Can You Afford Not to Be "Finger Shielded?"
When dealing with the safety of our loved ones, nothing should be left to chance; the slightest shortcut in quality to save a few cents can be the difference between a close call and a painful accident.  Two recent lawsuits regarding finger injuries resulted in settlements of $725,000 and $600,000, respectively. NOTE: In neither of these instances was the finger lost...both were successfully reattached.  Finger Shield Door Hinge Guards could have AND WOULD HAVE prevented this accident.  Finger Shield Door Hinge Guards reduce your liability and their installation is proof of your concern for the health and safety of the adults and children in your facility, a leg-up not to be overlooked.


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